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Linux 工具 PowerTop 2.0 Beta 发布

PowerTOP 是一个让 Intel 平台的笔记本电脑节省电源的 Linux 工具。此工具由 Intel 公司发布。它可以帮助用户找出那些耗电量大的程序,通过修复或者关闭那些应用程序或进程,从而为用户节省电源。

PowerTOP 要求 Linux 内核开启 tickless idle 功能,具备 2.6.21 及以上版本。另外,PowerTOP 工作的最佳平台为笔记本电脑。

Linux 工具 PowerTop 2.0 Beta 发布 Linux 第1张

Changes: The 2.0 codebase extensively uses the kernel "perf" infrastructure to give much more accurate data for the various reports. Another major feature of the 2.0 code base is that... the power behavior of the various devices in the system is prominently tracked and displayed, so that it's clear which devices are problematic in terms of power behavior. A new power estimation engine is able to give an estimate of how much power individual devices and processes in the system are consuming. This release requires a relatively new kernel to work properly (2.6.37, but 2.6.36 will also work)