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NethServer 6.7 RC1 发布下载,基于 CentOS 的 Linux

NethServer 6.7 RC1 发布下载,更新内容如下:

  • Shorewall is the new default firewall: it’s now possible to create a red interface without installing an extra package, the system will be able to NAT and routing out of the box. The firewall web interface has been moved to nethserver-firewall-base-ui package.
  • Web interface for password policy is now part of nethserver-directory
  • Italian language has been removed from ISO, it’s now an optional package
  • SSLv2, SSLv3 and old insecure ciphers are disabled by default
  • Upstream updates from CentOS 6.7
  • All updates from 6.6:

详情请查看:release announcementrelease notes

下载地址:Download (MD5)

NethServer 是基于 CentOS 的面向服务器的 Linux 发行。该产品的主要特性是模块化的设计,这使得用户可以容易地将该发行用作以下任何功 能:邮件服务器和过滤器、网页服务器、群件、防火墙、网页过滤器、入侵阻止系统/入侵检测系统、虚拟专用网服务器。它还包含了一个全方位的基于网页的用户 界面,这能简化通用管理任务,并让用户通过单击就能安装一些预配置好的模块。NethServer主要为中小型企业而设计。